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Click here to view the Conservatory of Fine Arts brochure.

Q: What is the Conservatory of Fine Arts (COFA)?

A: COFA is a program that provides students a three- or four-year pathway or plan focusing on their chosen arts program. Students can apply and enroll for one of the following pathways: instrumental music, vocal music, theatre, visual arts or dance. There is also an interdisciplinary pathway for students who would like to have exposure to all of the arts disciplines.

Q: What do I need to do to qualify?

A: In addition to fulfilling the three or four-year course requirements (see the Pathways section), students must also attend and assist at three COFA events per year that are outside of their own courses (i.e., a student cannot "attend" a show in which they are themselves performing). Students are responsible for keeping evidence of the events they attend. By March 15th of their senior year, students must submit a completed COFA Award Certification Application (click to download) to Mr. Wall in room 137.

Q: Can I still enroll in the Conservatory if I do not enter as a freshman?

A: Yes. Students should make appointment with their department advisor for counseling on a case by case basis.

Q: Can I still participate in the arts and not be enrolled in the conservatory?

A: Yes.

Q: Why should I join the Conservatory program?

A: Students enrolled in the conservatory will:

• Take part in cross discipline activities
• Participate in field trips, COFA wide events, and hear from guest speakers
• Receive special recognition at graduation and at a COFA awards ceremony
• Your resume will show dedication and hard work to a chosen arts discipline
• Enjoy opportunities to receive awards through festivals and competitions
• Have opportunities to hold leadership and volunteer positions
• Be eligible to receive scholarships
• Utilize partnerships with colleges that recognize a COFA Laureate
• Have arts courses in your schedule every year
• Enjoy the camaraderie of being part of a team atmosphere

Q: What is the difference between the Certificate, the Laureate, and the Laureate with Distinction?

A: A Laureate is awarded for three year-long classes in the arts, and a Laureate with Distinction is awarded for four year-long classes in the arts. Students completing two years of a pathway can earn the COFA Certificate. The same requirements apply of 'B' grade or better in all courses and participation in COFA activities beyond the classroom. Please refer to the conservatory brochure for the specific list of requirements for each diploma, or visit the Pathways page of this site.

Q: Can you still participate in sports and participate in the conservatory?

A: Yes. Please consult your department advisor and athletic coach for practice and performance schedules. The student and parent are responsible for open communication and teamwork when handling conflicts on a case by case basis.

Q: Is their a fee to enroll in the conservatory?

A: There is not a fee for the conservatory. Students should consult their department advisor for fee information for specific ensembles or arts supplies.

Q: Will I still meet the UC Requirements for Admission if I am enrolled in the conservatory?

A: Yes.

Q: How is the conservatory program different than what was offered in the past?

A: Students will have to complete and commit to a rigorous program of specific requirements for each arts discipline. Students will be rewarded for their work at graduation by receiving their specialized arts diploma and will be able to demonstrate to colleges that they are able to complete a 4-year, specialized program.